Edible Flower Ice Bowls

These bowls add a lot of WOW factor to a party, wedding, or any event where you want to add a touch of nature. They are so easy to make but look like they took much longer and much more talent. Simply find two bowls or any two matching shape containers that nest well together. I find that freezing the bottom first helps to hold the inner container in place. Putting water or something heavy inside the inner container will also work to hold the container in place. When the bottom has frozen, I fill in the sides with water and add flowers. To seperate the two containers you can let them simply thaw or run luke-warm water over the outside bowl. Letting warm water sit inside the inner container also will help to release the inner container. Be careful and don’t run hot water over it or else your ice bowl will fissure. Be warned – on a hot day these will not last long!! Some of the following are my favorite edible flowers to use. The idea is to not eat the flowers but since food or liquid (spiked punch anyone) might come in contact with the flowers it is a good idea to use non-poisonous species.

roses- I like using rose buds
scented geranium
bachelor’s buttons
bee balm

Marlene Simon